ShoutNow - FAQs

Why switch to Instagram Business or Creator Profile ?

Once you switch to a business profile, Instagram will grant you access to native in-app features like analytics, shopping links, contact links and more!

Why do I need to Login with Facebook and not Instagram ?

Instagram is a Facebook company and to access Analytics data for your Instagram account, you need to connect your Instagram Business account with your Facebook page to allow access to Analytics data. That is how Facebook wants it to be!

My Instagram account is not showing up?

If you are still facing an issue try disconnecting your Facebook page from Instagram account and reconnecting it. If you need any help with this drop us an email and we will take a look at.

Why Do I Have Missing Analytics Data?

If you’re missing some Instagram analytics data, there are various reasons why this might be happening:

Why was I unexpectedly logged out ?

There can be multiple reasons behind this:

If re-logging with Facebook doesn't fix this problem please drop us a mail ad we will fix it.

How can I make a feature request or report a bug ?

We are striving to build products for creators and influencers. If you have any feature we would love to hear that! DM us on Instagram or drop us a mail

Is ShoutNow available on web ?

Currently we are focused on building ShoutNow for mobile devices so that it is easily accessible to all users. ShoutNow is available for Android OS on Google PlayStore and iOS on Apple AppStore. Stay tuned for more news and feature updates!

For more information please check out Instagram Help Center: